Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How I won the office March Madness Pool

When a co-worker approached me with a bracket to fill out for the office contest, I said, "You do realize that I probably haven't watched an entire basketball game in this century, right?" He said that was fine, all I had to do was pick the losers because we were playing low ball. Then someone else mentioned that Obama always filled out a bracket. So, I went online I did the opposite of Obama's picks. Thanks Mr. President.

Here's a fake press release written by Andy, one of our media people:


Marley, showing true geniushood, guts rivals;
Destroys the Competition in First and Best Ever NCAA Lowball Competition

POCATELLO – Joe Marley knows how to pick losers and he'll be rewarded for his efforts: the picking prodigy only had one wrong pick in the MARCOM 2011 Low-Ball NCAA Bball Guestfest Extravaganza.

His pick of losers included only one errant lob: he incorrectly predicted UCLA would lose its first game. Besides that, he was perfect. He earned $1.25 first-place prize.

His competition, however, was a bit further off. Rounding out the competition were:

  • Joey G. and Heidi B., tied for second with seven;

  • Andy T. and Kaye B., tied for fourth with nine;

  • Carl J. and Alex J. , tied for sixth with 11; and

  • Emily F., eighth, with 15 and counting.

"Bow before me and quake in awe in my presence now," Marley said of his stunning victory.

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