Thursday, January 21, 2010

Statehouse re-dedication

Over the last few years, Idaho's capital building was being renovated and remodeled. During this time, the Legislature convened in the Ada County Courthouse. The Court house is remarkable because it reminds of the creepy building from Ghostbusters. I would not be surprised if some Babylonian God came out of it one night to bring doom upon the inhabitants of Boise.

The renovation was finished earlier this month and since Dad was in the Legislature all those years, he got invitations to the re-dedication. I hadn't been to Boise in a while and decided to endure the drive to see the remodel.

They had a pretty nice ceremony. There was a premiere of a piece for band and choir called "Under Eternal Sky" by Dr. Paul Aitken. I am always in support of new music and thought this piece fit the occasion very well. Dr. Aitken did a good job of making the music seem modern without being weird. A good choice, because while I like funky 20th century music, most people don't. There were also some speakers. I wasn’t really paying attention to them. They probably said some things.

I was impressed with the work that was done. A lot of excellent craftsmanship was put into the remodel.

The Governor C.L. 'Butch' Otter, I like to imagine the C.L. stands for Carlheinz Leslie

This reception area used to be some offices (my dad's office was here), this is a return to the original design

One sad loss was the replacement of a pepto-bismal colored elevator, with a newer, more stylish model. The old pink elevator was so absurd and out of place, it made me smile every time I saw it. You will be missed, ridiculous elevator.

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